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  • FECHA ED.: 2004


Product Description

A revised edition of the industry classic, this third edition shows how the field of heat transfer has grown and prospered over the last two decades. Readers will find this edition more accessible, while not sacrificing its thorough treatment of the most up-to-date information on current research and applications in the field. Features include:

  • Updated and expanded coverage of convection in porous media, focusing on microscale heat exchangers and optimization of flow configurations
  • Emphasis on original and effective methods such as scale analysis, heatlines for visualization, intersection of asymptotes for optimization, and constructal theory for thermofluid design
  • A readable text for students, in the tradition of the bestselling First Edition
  • New problems and examples taken from real-world practice and heat exchanger design
  • An accompanying solutions manual

From the Inside Flap

An inspiring and unconventional engineering text on the frontiers of science, the first edition of Convection Heat Transfer quickly established itself as a premier professional reference, one that offered an entirely new and invigorating approach to research and teaching. Updated and revised to reflect the field's latest research and technical innovations, the Second Edition is an authoritative practical reference and basic graduate-level text to convection heat transfer. Like its predecessor, the new edition balances traditionally rival corners of convection teaching and research, such as forced and natural convection, laminar and turbulent flows, fluids and fluid-saturated porous media, as well as theory and empiricism. Yet the new edition also focuses on the growing concerns in energy and ecology, with an emphasis on man's enhanced role in living equitably with nature. The book's unique topical breadth and arrangement, the first in a text on heat convection, reflect today's environmental realities:

  • A discussion of natural convection on equal footing with forced convection, with application to energy conservation in buildings and geophysical dynamics
  • Convection through porous media saturated with fluid, with application to geothermal and thermal insulation
  • Turbulent transport in free-stream flow, with application to the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and buildings

The Second Edition also includes such important additions as convection with change of phase (condensation, boiling, and melting), cooling of electronic packages by forced and natural convection, lubrication by contact melting, and several examples of conjugate heat transfer. The new edition also includes an exposition of the latest analytical techniques and new heat transfer correlations; an expanded discussion of laminar and, especially, turbulent forced convection, as well as the latest applications of the buckling theory of turbulent flow. Designed as an optimal study tool, the newest edition features end-of-chapter questions that are natural extensions of the research topics debated in the text and which serve to reinforce basic conceptual material. Throughout, the text stresses physical insight and problem solving, and invites the student to question authority. The Second Edition's revised format, including numbered sections and an introductory symbols list, make the book especially accessible for first-time users. Numerous formulas, tables, charts, and appendixes, useful in engineering design work, have been added to each chapter. Skillfully balancing theory with real engineering practice as well as cutting-edge techniques with the latest research, the Second Edition of Convection Heat Transfer is an essential reference for professionals and students interested in successfully meeting the newer challenges of the science today. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.